Is six seconds enough time to tell a brand story?

Background on 6-second video — In April 2016, YouTube released a 6-second “bumper format”.

The big debate — Does this format work? Can you deliver a message in 6 seconds?

Fox recently announced that they will offer the 6-second format through digital channels before making it available through linear tv.

Ad spots during 60-minute show w/ 16 minutes of ads:
1) 30-second ads — 32
2) 5-second ads — 192

What will happen to the ad pod? Are shorter ads dispersed throughout the content rather than the big chunks that we have today? Will that have a possible impact on ad avoidance?

A great example (h/t: @ali_jae) from Tide:

Quote from Joe Marchese — President, Advertising Revenue @ Fox Networks

“We are in the storytelling business, not necessarily the advertising business,” he said at a press conference at Cannes Lions. “We’re in the advertising business as long as it allows us to tell our stories to more people. When it becomes a detriment — when it starts to turn people away — it hurts our storytellers.

“Unfortunately we haven’t found the right mix of ad products yet, but one of the things we’re looking at is how to make the most of people’s time. We don’t have to use as much as possible; we can get creative and tell the message in a short form way.”

“It used to kill me” when someone would ask why TVCs had to be 30 or 60 seconds long. “I’d be like, because we trade tens of billions of dollars around it and we need standardization.”


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