Inside The Agency Turf War Over Connected TV

In recent years, the battle between TV and digital agencies has been over the share of spend that each receives, but a new front has opened up with each fighting over connected TV.

The argument for TV buyers:
Scale and reach
2) Living room/big screen content
3) Negotiating power

The argument for digital buyers:
Data and targeting
2) Comfort with the complexity of digital marketing

What happens next: TV Buyers are being rebranded as video investment teams, and digital buyers are going to school on TV metrics.

The future: The term “digital buyer” and “TV buyer” will go away and there will just be “video buyers”. Everyone cannot be great at everything so some buyers will be stronger in TV or digital, but the future is cross screen.

Who wins: The winners will be whichever side learns the other side’s piece first and effectively integrates it into a holistic video offering.

FYI to agencies: This is what your clients (remember them?) want. They want to spend more time focused on running their business and less time settling budget disputes between a TV and digital agency playing a zero-sum game with their budget.

Another sign: NCC Media recently announced that they were adding digital video to their TV offering.

Co-viewing rates according to the IAB:
Traditional TV — 96%
CTV/OTT — 93%

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