In Defense of Targeting

Worth the time: Jeff Jarvis makes an interesting point of who the winners and losers would be if Facebook removed political targeting.

Who benefits from targeting on Facebook:
Upstart/challenger candidates
2) Nascent movements
3) New/small businesses

Key point: Targeted advertising delivers greater relevance at a lower cost as opposed to mass media.

Why this matters: Facebook recently clarified their political ads policy ahead of the 2020 election, and “microtargeting” will be allowed.

Flashback #1: Trump’s general election brawl to drive record advertising

Flashback #2: Political ads are tricky to define in digital era

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More #2: Lord of the Rings, 2020 and Stuffed Oreos: Read the Andrew Bosworth Memo

Read the full post from Andrew Bosworth here.

More #3: Facebook will make political ads optional for users


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