Hulu And YouTube Prepare To Overtake Satellite Giants Atop Streaming Bundle Market

Dish and DirecTV both were early entrants into the streaming pay-TV battle, but YouTube TV and Hulu Live are gaining fast.

Streaming pay-TV providers by subscriber numbers (% of total):
1) Sling TV — 2.4M (27%)
2) Hulu Live — 2.0M (23%)
3) DirecTV Now — 1.6M (18%)
4) YouTube TV — 1.0M (11%)
5) PlayStation Vue — 870K (10%)
6) fuboTV — 250K (6%)
7) Other — 250K (3%)
8) Philo — 150K (2%)

Subscriber growth in 2018-Q4:
Sling TV — ↑ 50K
DirecTV Now — ↓ 267K

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