Has Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Rescued (or Ruined) Hollywood?

A wild week of news:
1) August 7th 
— Netflix announces the purchase of Millarworld, a comic-book empire with buzzy titles like “Jupiter’s Legacy” and “Huck.”
2) August 8th — Disney announces streaming service and intention to remove content from Netflix
3) August 8th — David Letterman announces plans to produce a 6-episode series for Netflix
4) August 9th — The Coen brothers announce plans to produce a western anthology for Netflix
5) August 13th — News breaks that Shonda Rhimes is leaving ABC (Disney) for Netflix

Shonda Rhimes has produced several hits including:
2) Grey’s Anatomy

Revenue from Rhimes shows has generated an estimated $2b in revenue from advertising, rerun sales and international licensing.

Netflix plans to spend $7b on content next year.

More on this topic. Without Disney, Netflix Needs to Produce More Movies of Its Own


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