Gaming Is Bigger Than Ever, But Can The Fun Last?

Gaming on Nintendo Switch

Global video game market (YoY growth) according to SuperData:

1) 2019 – $124.5B
2) 2020 – $139.9B (↑ 12%)
3) 2021 – $142.2B (↑ 2%)

Total games and interactive media revenue

Key details for the video game market:
1) 55% played video games during the pandemic
2) Free-to-play games account for 78% of revenue
3) 1.2B watched other people play video games (Twitch, etc.)

Interesting: The largest free-to-play game (Honor of Kings) generated 28% more revenue than the largest premium title (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare).

Top 10 Gaming Titles

Big question: Why do people play video games?

Top Reasons to Play Video Games during Pandemic

Top reasons to play video games during COVID-19:

1) Boredom – 56%
2) Escape reality – 45%
3) Substitute for other entertainment – 36%
4) Connecting with friends/family – 29%
5) Socialize with strangers – 26%

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