‘Friends’ to Move to HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service

Key details for WarnerMedia’s streaming service:
1) It will be called HBO Max
2) Early 2020 is anticipated launch
3) Friends will be moving from Netflix to HBO Max in 2020.
4) Friends is the 2nd most-watched show on Netflix according to Nielsen

Comparison of annual deal size for Friends between Netflix and Warner:
1) Netflix deal #1 (2014–18) — $30M
2) Netflix deal #2 (2019) — $80M
3) HBO Max deal #1 (2020-24) — $85M

Quick math #1 for Friends and HBO Max:
1) Domestic subscriber target — 75M
2) Annual cost to license Friends — $85M
3) HBO Max would be paying $0.09 per month for each domestic subscriber to license the show.

Quick math #2 for Friends and HBO Max:
1) Annual cost to license Friends — $85M
2) # of seasons — 10
3) # of episodes — 236
4) $/season to license — $8.5M
5) $/episode to license — $360K

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