Fortnite Creator Epic Games Valued at Nearly $15 Billion

How much? Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, just raised $1.25B and is now valued at $15B!

Epic Games valuation by year:
JUN-12 — $825M
2) MAY-18 — $4.5B
NOV-18 — $15B

Flashback: Fortnite is generating more revenue than any other free game ever

A single video game (Fortnite: Battle Royale) brought in $318M in revenue during May!

This is the highest monthly revenue total ever for a video game.

Watch #1: Jon Erlichman breaks down the deal.

Watch #2: Brad Twohig, one of the venture capitalists in the deal, walks through how they value the company.

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More #2: Microsoft’s gaming revenue surges 44% in Q1 2019


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