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Fed-Up Advertisers Stop Paying More for Smaller TV Audiences

In order to grow revenue with a shrinking audience, networks continue to raise CPM $. This is irritating advertisers, but not quite driving them to change behavior yet.

Over the last 4 years:
– TV Ratings ↓ 33%
– TV Ad Prices ↑ 20%

$1.00 of impact 4 years ago now costs $1.79.

Quote from Dave Campanelli — Director of National Television @ Horizon Media.

“How many years can advertisers pay 10 percent over 10 percent over 10 percent — and just keep buying TV?” Campanelli asked — rhetorically, of course, because he had the answer. “You’re going to scare people away from the medium altogether, and it’s not like there aren’t big places to go spend your money in the digital world.”


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