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Evening News Audiences Surge Amid Coronavirus. Can The Networks Keep Them?

Broadcast evening news audience in April according to Variety:
1) ABC “World News Tonight” – 10.2M
2) NBC “Nightly News” – 9.6M
3) CBS “Evening News” – 6.7M

Total broadcast evening news audience (YoY growth) according to Nielsen:
1) April 2019 – 22M
April 2020 – 31M (↑ 42%)

Great pic: PBS’s Amna Nawaz accomplishes the impressive feat of getting her kids to stand still long enough for this picture to be taken balancing being a mom and broadcasting the news from her house!

Cable news networks by the prime-time audience in April according to The AP:
1) Fox News – 4.1M
2) MSNBC – 2.5M
3) CNN – 2.2M

Cable news networks by the prime-time audience in 2019 according to The Hill:
1) Fox News – 2.5M
2) MSNBC – 1.8M
3) CNN – 972K

Cable news share of total TV viewership according to UBS:
1) March 2019 – 11%
March 2020 – 20%

Cable news viewership by year according to Nielsen:

Flashback: Fox News’ upper hand next year: The country’s eyeballs, down to districts

Top cable news viewership by district (% of total):
Fox News – 299 (69%)
2) CNN – 63 (15%)
3) MSNBC – 1 (1%)

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