Disney’s Streaming Service Starts to Come Into Focus

The details on Disneyflix are starting to emerge.

Disney will stop licensing movies to Netflix.

The upcoming “Captain Marvel” will be the first movie that goes directly from theatre to Disney’s streaming service.

Remakes of “Lady and the Tramp” and “The Sword in the Stone” are in the works.

Spinoffs of “High School Musical” and “Monsters Inc.” are being developed.

Big question: Can Disney develop (good) distribution technology faster than technology companies (Netflix) can develop content?

Quote from Luis Cabral — Professor of Media Economics @ New York University:
“The Netflix example suggests that it’s easier for distributors to enter into content creation quickly than it is for content creators to get into distribution quickly,”

Head start: CBS recently announced that their streaming service (CBS All Access) and Showtime’s are a year ahead of schedulewith regards to subscribers.

Projected subscribers for CBS/Showtime streaming services:

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