Dish Network Can Now Measure All Addressable Ads No Matter Where They Air

Dish and Comscore are now able to measure addressable ads together across satellite and streaming.

This was previously only available on satellite.

Subscriber estimates for Dish/Sling (% of total):
1) Dish (satellite) — 11.2M (85%)
2) Sling (streaming) — 2.0M (15%)

Revenue estimate for addressable TV (% growth):
1) 2015 — $410M (↑ 105%)
2) 2016 — $760M (↑ 85%)
3) 2017 — $1.3B (↑ 66%)
4) 2018 — $2.3B (↑ 79%)
5) 2019 — $3.0B (↑ 35%)

Addressable currently accounts for less than 2% of TV ad spend.

74M households can receive addressable TV ads.

Flashback. AT&T may be plotting to revolutionize TV advertising

Quote from John Stephens — CFO @ AT&T.
“Taking the viewership data, the data insights that we know that comes off our networks because we’re the delivery system. We deliver it, so we know what goes to the homes, what’s there. And on our addressable advertising, we’re getting close to $35, $40 CPMs. On our average, on our regular total advertising, it’s probably closer to $12, $13, so 3x that amount. That’s the reason for excitement. We’re getting that today, albeit as a distributor, you get 4 commercial slots an hour. As a content owner, you get 24 commercial slots an hour.”


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