Digital Advertising Revenue Grew 21% and Surpassed TV Ad Spend Last Year

Digital advertising (U.S. only):
2016 — $72.5B
2017 — $88.0B (↑ 21%)

Digital ad spend surpassed TV in 2017.

Remember. The numbers above include all digital ads (search, display, etc.). TV still accounts for 85% of video ad spend.

Still early: Video only makes up 14% of digital ad spend, but is growing rapidly.

Growth rate for digital video advertising:
1) 2016 — ↑ 51%
2) 2017 — ↑ 33%

Digital ad spend by format (% of total):
Search — $40.6B (46%)
2) Banner — $27.5B (31%)
3) Video — $11.9B (14%)
4) Audio — $1.6B (2%)
5) Other — $6.4B (7%)

Quote from Anna Bager — EVP of Industry Initiatives @ IAB:
“I think there’s also massive content innovation that’s ongoing… Media companies and advertisers are starting to understand the consumption behavior and how different needs of media — long-form, short-form, sound, video, mobile, in-feed, out-feed — have changed as well.”

Full report: IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)


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