Cord-Cutting Explodes: 22 Million U.S. Adults Will Have Canceled Cable, Satellite TV by End of 2017

The rate that consumers are canceling traditional pay-TV is higher than expected.

Quick definitions:
1) Cord-Cutters — Consumers who cancel traditional pay-TV
2) Cord-Nevers — Consumers who have not yet subscribed to traditional pay-TV
3) Cord-Shavers — Consumers who reduce their pay-TV bill. An example of this would be moving from able ($103/month) to a lower cost streaming service such as SlingTV.

Growth in total cord-cutters:
1) 2016: 16.7m
2) 2017: 22.2m (↑33% YoY)

Growth in total cord-nevers:
1) 2016: 32.5m
2) 2017: 34.4m (↑6% YoY)

The big question. Are Skinny Bundles Really Cord Cutting? For Most Cable Networks The Answer Is No

More on this topic. Cord Cutting Is Expected to Nearly Double Over the Next 4 Years, Eroding the TV Ad Market

Individuals w/ traditional pay-TV:
1) 2017: 196.3m
2) 2021: 181.7m

Time spent (video only) by screen:
1) TV: 3h 58m
2) Digital: 1h 17m

Television still leads the way in video time but is declining in every groupyounger than 65.


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