Comcast’s New Xfinity Platform Blurs Streaming Media, Live TV, Internet, Apps…And Smart Home Hub

Comcast is using the Olympics as an opportunity to furtherintegrate digital and linear video content together.

2,400 hours of content will be broadcast during the Olympics on either linear TV or digital.

Comcast will deploy 1,500 Olympic specific voice commands for the 18M households with a voice enabled remote control (X1).

The battle for the living room is heating up:
1) Comcast is integrating digital content into a linear TV platform.

2) TiVo is providing the smaller pay-TV providers with a platform to compete with their larger competition (see: Comcast).

3) Amazon is bringing linear TV content into a digital platform.

4) Hulu is starting to highlight live TV content to users that have traditionally watched on-demand (54% of time on Hulu).


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