Big Media, Silicon Valley Battle for Multibillion-Dollar Sports TV Rights

Could a company like Amazon or Facebook outbid a traditional media company for the overall sports rights to a major league?

In the U.S. we probably will not know until 2021 since the majority of rights are locked up.

Rights for the English Premier League are up this year.

Why does this matter? Live sports are the linchpin in the pay-TV ecosystem. It is also the primary driver of increases in the average cable TV bill.

Shots fired. YouTube recently acquired the exclusive rights for the new MLS team in Los Angeles.

What does this mean? The only way to watch 18 games for the Los Angeles Football Club will be with a YouTube TV subscription.

1) ESPN’s new subscription app will cost $5 a month. It will not be a huge hit.

2) Disney as a Service (Pt. II) and the Future of the ‘House of Mouse’


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