Attribution Measurement Is The Television Industry’s Latest Weapon

Attribution for TV advertising is hot right now.

Advertisers are starting to measure the impact of their TV advertising through the use of technologies such as ACR.

What is ACR? Audio Character Recognition (ACR) is a technology that identifies the content that is playing (TV show, etc.) based on what it hears. It is alternative to collecting viewership through panels (Nielsen, etc.) and/or set-top box data (ComScore, etc.).

Does this mean that my smart TV is listening? Yes, but so is your smartphone and tablet.

We remember getting a demo of ACR from Gracenote at CES back in 2014 and being blown away by the possibilities. It is exciting to see this tech start to become mainstream.

This is the 3rd time (Gracenote and that we have mentioned ACR in this edition of SOTS so it is something that you should add to your radar.

Quote from Sean Muller — CEO @
“Brands want to be able to measure TV against business outcomes,”

“The market is moving in that direction and with ACR data becoming a standard as more people are watching via smart TVs, it will only keep moving that way.”


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