Another Trump Facebook election

Are you ready for 2020? President Trump’s campaign has started ramping up its spending on digital platforms far outpacing his Democratic rivals.

Ad spending on Facebook/Google in 2019:
Donald Trump — $4.5M
2) Elizabeth Warren — $595K
Kamala Harris — $536K
Bernie Sanders — $438K
Cory Booker — $419K
Kirsten Gillibrand — $333K
Jay Inslee — $154K
Beto O’Rourke — $102K
9) Tulsi Gabbard — $97K
Amy Klobuchar — $92K

Worth the time: Bully Pulpit Interactive has launched a data visualization tool that allows you to track these numbers.

3 reasons why the Trump campaigns worldview is different:
They are the first Republican incumbent who has built out a massive online fundraising base. They will most likely spend dollars earlier with less regard for cash on hand reports since they can replenish the dollars.

2) Their campaign manager (Brad Parscale) was the 2016 digital director, and his home field is analytics and targeting.

3) They have the luxury of focusing on the general election while the Democrats fight it out in a 12+ month primary (see: Obama vs. Romney). The Trump campaign’s goal is to create votes for the November 2020 general election. The Democrat campaigns goal is to create votes for February 2020 Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

Video: Facebook’s Role in Politics Keeps Growing, Cross Screen Media CEO Says

PSA: They will literally let anyone go on TV these days…

More #1: Trump is already massively outspending Dems on Facebook and Google ads

More #2: This year alone Trump’s campaign has spent about $4.5 million on Google and Facebook, according to @sarafischer


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