AMC Will Place a 6-Second Ad at the Start of Each Walking Dead Episode

6-second ads are coming to the Walking Dead.

The ad will appear in an isolated slot precisely at 9 p.m. as DVRs will start recording.

This will be one of the most expensive ad spots available during the show falling somewhere between the cost of a 15s and 30s.

Smart. AMC is combining the shorter ad spot with a part of the show with high attention.

Previously on SOTS: Fox Will Bring 6-Second Ads To TV During Teen Choice Awards

The 6-second ads will appear during the Teen Choice Awards as a part of a shorter 29-second ad pod.

The new 29-second ad pod will include:
1) 5-second intro asking the viewer not to change the channel
2) 6-second ad #1
3) 6-second ad #2
4) 6-second ad #3
5) 6-second ad #4

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