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Amazon Roars With Acquisition of MGM

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Big news: Amazon has agreed to purchased MGM for $8.5B. This price reportedly was 41% higher than either Comcast or Apple offered.

Big question: What is Amazon getting for $8.5B?

Key details for MGM content library:
1) 4K movies
2) 17K TV episodes

Amazon content (YoY growth) according to Parqor:
1) 2018 – $5B
2) 2019 – $7B (↑ 40%)
3) 2020 – $11B (↑ 57%)

Flashback: Amazon Heads to the Shire

Streaming services ranked by the total number of movies according to Reelgood:
1) Prime Video – 14.4K
2) Netflix – 3.9K
3) HBO Max – 1.9K
4) Starz – 1K
5) Hulu/Peacock – 900

Streaming services ranked by the total number of TV shows:
1) Prime Video – 2.2K
2) Netflix – 2.0K
3) Hulu – 1.7K
4) Paramount+ – 500
5) HBO Max – 500

Catalog Sizes of Major US Video Streaming Services

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