Amazon is allowing ad-tech companies to sell ads in streaming TV apps, and marketers see it as a sign that the e-commerce giant is becoming less of a walled garden

The big news: Amazon will allow third-party ad-tech marketplaces such as the TradeDesk and DataXu to access inventory from Fire TV apps.

HH users by CTV platform:
Amazon Fire TV – 34M
Roku – 29M

Amazon advertising revenue by year according to eMarketer (YoY growth):
1) 2017 – $3.3B (↑ 186%)
2) 2018 – $7.4B (↑ 123%)
3) 2019P – $11.3B (↑ 53%)
4) 2020P – $15.0B (↑ 33%)
5) 2021P – $19.2B (↑ 28%)

FYI: Amazon recently had 190 open advertising positions in New York alone!

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