Addressable TV ad spend very much alive, shows no sign of slowing

A new report projects that Addressable TV advertising will grow to $3.4B by 2020.

Addressable TV ad spend by year according to the Video Advertising Bureau:
1) 2016 — $760M
2) 2017 — $1.22B (↑ 61%)
3) 2018 — $2.06B (↑ 69%)
4) 2019P — $2.54B (↑ 23%)
5) 2020P — $3.37B (↑ 33%)

Addressable TV households in the U.S. (% growth):
2018–64.0M (↑ 30%)

This accounts for 54% of all U.S. TV households.

Quote from Allison Metcalfe — GM of TV @ LiveRamp:
“There is no denying that addressable TV is growing in the U.S. It hasn’t quite hit critical mass, but it’s well on its way. In 2016, penetration of addressable TV advertising in the U.S. sat at 46%of households. That’s expected to grow to 74% by 2020.”

Challenges remain: The actual inventory that is available for addressable TV targeting is constrained to the 2 minutes per hour that the pay-TV provider can access. This is roughly 1/8 of the total ad minutes that addressable enabled households receive.

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