Ad Supported OTT Keeps Growing And Advertisers Would Be Wise To Take Note

Appnexus announced that ad sales on connected TV grew748% YoY.

That is ≈ 20B ad impressions per month.

Projected connected-TV users by brand in 2022:
Roku — 46%
Amazon Fire TV — 34%
Google Chromecast — 17%
Apple TV — 13%

Flashback #1: Over-the-top-only U.S. households nearly tripled since 2013, impacting TV ad dollars

Quick math:
1) 820M connected TV devices
2) 120M TV homes in the U.S.
3) 6.9 connected video devices per home

Flashback #2: Reaching the Elusive OTT Consumer

The average OTT user streamed 50 hours of video content, but there was a huge disparity between the light and heavy streamers.

Streaming time per month (% of total):
Light — 9.5h (10%)
2) Heavy — 90.0h (90%)

Flashback #3: Inside Roku’s battle to control the future of TV advertising — and why it better watch out for Amazon

Connected TV users by year (% growth):
1) 2017–168.1M (↑ 10%)
2) 2018–181.5M (↑ 8%)
3) 2019–188.1M (↑ 4%)
4) 2020–191.6M (↑ 2%)
5) 2021–194.4M (↑ 2%)

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