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Special Delivery? Amazon Looks To Add Live TV To Prime Video Empire

Big news #1: Several job posts by Amazon are fueling rumors that some form of live TV is coming to Prime Video.

Why this matters: Live TV combined with Amazon’s current on-demand service would give consumers more reason to become Prime members.

Quote from Amazon Prime Video job posting via LinkedIn:
“Although video on demand is on the rise, the global viewing hours weighs in favor of live or scheduled TV.”

Big news #2: A recent analysis from Needham estimated that Amazon’s media business is worth $500B or ≈ 4% of its total market capitalization.

Amazon’s media business includes:
Prime Video
2) Prime Music
3) Twitch
4) Advertising

Below is a recent pitch slide from Amazon Advertising:

Amazon advertising revenue (YoY growth) according to eMarketer:
2017 – $3.3B (↑ 186%)
2) 2018 – $7.4B (↑ 123%)
3) 2019P – $11.3B (↑ 53%)
4) 2020P – $15.0B (↑ 33%)
5) 2021P – $19.2B (↑ 28%)

FYI: Fire TV is coming to your car…

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